VLA 2015

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The Virginia Association of Student Personnel Administrators is proud to sponsor the 2nd Annual Virginia Leadership Academy for campus-wide student leaders across the Commonwealth of Virginia with Radford University as the inaugural host institution.  The theme of the conference is "Take The Lead."


This intensive three-day leadership academy will allow newly elected campus leaders and their advisors – from Student Government and other organizations having campus-wide impact at your college or university – to share ideas and solutions, receive training and personal consultations from current Student Affairs vice presidents, Deans of Students, and invited leadership experts.  The academy will also promote intentional team development and synergy in planning among a cross section of student leaders and advisors from each campus.  Finally, the academy will facilitate networking with peers from colleges and universities across the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is a working conference stressing group discussions and sharing of information, with facilitators who actively engage participants in generating solutions to shared issues and concerns.


The theme for the 2015 VLA is "Take The Lead”.  An elected SGA or campus-wide officer is not someone who walks around with a title. An elected campus-wide officer is about being the voice of the students, modeling a collaborative approach to governance, and fostering the development of future leaders. The 2015 VLA theme “Take The Lead” was selected as a platform for newly elected campus-wide officers to better understand the process of value creation in their roles on the executive boards of their organizations. 


The conference will be focused around sessions and team-building activities that will address aspects of student government leadership. This conference will help your student government and campus-wide leaders achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce student apathy.
  •  Learn new approaches to renew student and faculty interest in student government.
  • Improve student input on your campus.
  • Improve student participation in campus governance and campus-wide activities.
  • Assist in forming "plans of action" for resolving your own campus concerns.
  •  Provide the necessary skills and ideas enabling you to  "make a difference" on your campus next year.

Discussions and various team-building exercises will:

  • Understand the different aspects of leadership.
  • Realize and enhance their own strengths.
  • Hone their leadership skills
  • Be recognized as leaders among peers from around the state.

Conference Learning Objectives

With a commitment to continuous learning and development, the 2015 VLA will:

  • Inspire SGA and campus leaders to accept leadership roles
  • Increase awareness challenges faced by SGA and campus leaders
  • Build a network of collaborative SGA and campus leaders working towards the betterment of SGAs and campus-wide organizations around the State of Virginia.


Newly elected SGA Leaders and Leaders of Campus-Wide Organizations such as Program Boards, RHAs, Greek Councils, and Multicultural Organizations, along with their Advisors, Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, and Deans of Students.