Exception to the University Withdrawal Policy

Exceptions to University Withdrawals are an exception to the university withdrawal policy and should not be used if the student is in the normal withdrawal period. Exceptions to Withdrawals are also not intended to serve as an appeal to an academic suspension or dismissal from the University.

Periodically, students may need to withdraw from the University for non-academic reasons. Non-academic reasons for withdrawal from the University may include medical, psychological and/or other personal reasons such as extended illness in the immediate family, deaths of significant others, legal requirements to appear in court for an extended period of time, and others.

To request an Exception to Withdrawal, a student must complete an Exception to University Withdrawal form.  The form provides opportunity for the student to explain in detail their extenuating circumstances and how those circumstances affected the student's ability to perform academically. Additionally, documentation to support the circumstances described by the student must also be submitted.

Upon receiving the form and supporting documentation a review and evaluation will occur. As appropriate the Associate Dean of Students will consult the originator of the documentation, Review Committee, or others as necessary and/or appropriate. By submitting the request, the student is granting permission for all information related to the request for exception to withdrawal to be reviewed by the staff outlined above for a decision to be made or an appeal to be decided.

After evaluating the student's request, the Associate Dean of Students and/or Review Committee will determine whether the student should be granted an exception. If approved grades of "W" will be recorded on the student's transcript for individual class(es) or semester requested.

Please note that if approved there may be impacts to campus housing, financial aid/scholarships, meal plans and academic progress.  Please contact the appropriate department to discuss these implications.

If you wish to inquire regarding the process of Exception to University Withdrawal, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (540) 831-6297.