Exception to the University Withdrawal Policy

Medical withdrawals are an exception to the university withdrawal policy and should not be used if the student is in the withdrawal period. Medical withdrawals are also not intended to serve as an appeal to an academic suspension or dismissal from the University.

Periodically, students may need to withdraw from the University for non-academic reasons. Non-academic reasons for withdrawal from the University may include medical, psychological and/or other personal reasons such as extended illness in the immediate family, deaths of significant others, legal requirements to appear in court for an extended period of time, and others.

To request a medical withdrawal, a student must write a letter to the Associate Dean of Students, explaining in detail the student's circumstances and how those circumstances affected the student's ability to perform academically. Additionally, documentation to support the circumstances described by the student must also be submitted. Documentation submitted by a health care provider should include the student's diagnosis and time of treatment. 

Upon receiving the required letter and documentation a review and evaluation will occur. As appropriate the Associate Dean of Students will consult the originator of the documentation, medical withdrawal review committee, or others as necessary or appropriate. By submission for review the student is granting permission for all information related to the request for withdrawal to be reviewed by the staff outlined above for a decision to be made or an appeal to be decided.

After an evaluation of the student's request has occurred the Associate Dean of Students and/or Medical Withdrawal Review Committee will determine whether the student should be provided an exception to the University's withdrawal policies. Should an exception be granted, the corresponding grades of "W" will be recorded on the student's transcript and pro-rated refunds of tuition and fees may be made if applicable.

When a student withdraws from the University for non-academic reasons, typically grades of "W" will be recorded for all classes attempted during that semester. Only in rare cases or under special circumstances will a students be allowed a mixture of grades, "W's" or Incompletes.

Reviews of medical withdrawal requests occur once a month.

Please send documentation and letter to:

Radford University
Office of the Dean of Students
Box 6898
Radford, VA 24142
Fax:  540-831-6758

For a medical withdrawal advisor, please contact Kim Vest at 540-831-6259.