Highlander Chats

What is Highlander Chats?

Radford University Highlander Chats is a program that allows students and faculty/staff to share a complimentary meal together at the Dalton Dining Hall.  The idea is to get students and faculty/staff out of the classroom, studio, laboratory, or office to foster discussion in a welcoming environment over a shared meal. Conversations could range from discussing a student’s progress in a course, a particular assignment, post-graduate plans, or career advice.

Who can participate in Highlander Chats?

You can! This program is open to all current students and faculty/staff regardless of status or meal plan.

How does Highlander Chats work?

During the first full week of the month students and/or faculty/staff can obtain a Highlander Chats ticket from “the Bonnie,” Hulbert Student Center information desk.

Both the student and the faculty/staff member need to complete the ticket information. 

Present the ticket to a cashier at the Dalton Dining Hall.

Ticket Schedule Pick-Up

  • September 3-7
  • October 1-5
  • November 5-9
  • December 3-7
  • February 4-8
  • March 4-8
  • April 8-12