Faith and Religion

Radford University Campus Ministers Association (RUCMA) is a council comprised of the advisors and campus ministers for the religious student organizations which are recognized by the University. Students are encouraged to care for their spiritual development as well as their intellectual, physical, emotional and social development during their college years. For that reason, we hope that you will be active in one of the recognized campus religious organizations and/or area places of worship during your enrollment at the university.

Faith Leaders for 2020-2021

Martee Buchanan

Wesley Foundation -United Methodist

Cara Myrtle

C3M – Campus Outreach

Roger Cook

Red Door Ministries - Episcopalian/Lutheran

John Spraker

Alive@RU - Non-denominational

Emily Brown

Young Life - Non-denominational

Chris Leeper

BaptistCollegiate Ministry

Tony Laux

Catholic Campus Ministry

Wes Childress

Chi Alpha

Jennifer Hagin

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Peter Hawisher-Faul

Ukirk - Presbyterian

Krysta Buchanan


Curt Seright

College Life In Christ