CSCR Projects

The CSCR gave me a great foundation of technology, theory, and practice that boosted my confidence and resume."

Kasey Campbell (left), Class of 2014



Roots with Wings

  • Dr. Melinda Wagner; with the Floyd Story Center and Floyd County High School
  • RU-Floyd County oral history project teaching qualitative research methods to high school students and recording the stories of WW II in Floyd County

Peaceline Plus Program Evaluation

  • Dr. Joanna Hunter; for the Women's Resource Center
  • Ongoing program evaluation

Wilderness Road Regional Museum Development Projects

  • Dr. Mary LaLone; with Dr. Carolyn Mathews, New River Historical Society
  • Needs assessment
  • Community-based partnership to develop museum education and outreach activities

RU Disability Resource Office Satisfaction Survey

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lyman; for Angela DeVore, RU Disability Resource Office
  • Survey research assistance and analysis

Pulaski High School Project

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lyman; with Beans and Rice
  • Research consulting and survey research assistance for Beans and Rice Program at Pulaski High School

RU Sustainability

  • Dr. Allison Wisecup; with Dr. Dennis Grady, Dr. Rick Roth, and Julio Stephens
  • Quantitative research project

Civic Engagement in Higher Education

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lyman; with Dr. Erin Webster-Garrett, Director, Scholar-Citizen Initiative
  • Research project examining civic engagement initiatives in higher education

RU Poverty Project

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lyman
  • Research project on college student poverty and homelessness

Healthy Highlanders

  • Dr. Allison Wisecup; with Abby Mundy, RU Student Health Services, and Dr. Mark Shanley, RU Student Affairs
  • Class project for Social Research Methods course

RU Healthy

  • Dr. Allison Wisecup; with Abby Mundy, RU Student Health Services
  • Quantitative research project

Student Health Satisfaction

  • Dr. Allison Wisecup; with Abby Mundy, RU Student Health Services
  • Analysis of paitent satisfaction data

National College Health Assessment

  • Dr. Allison Wisecup; with Julie Dill, SAVES Office
  • Research project

Visual Sociology

  • Dr. Roby Page
  • Course projects providing applied experience in qualitative research using visual methods

Religious Identity and Practices of U.S. College Students

  • Dr. Joanna Hunter
  • Quantitative research project using National Study of Youth and Religion data