Upcoming Shows and Times

All shows start with a tour of the nighttime sky as well as some other amazing sights in space using our full-dome Digistar 5 projection system (manufactured by Evans & Sutherland). Many of these are following by a professionally produced dull-dome multimedia shows on various exciting astronomical topics. Throughout the year some of our shows are more extensive nighttime sky tours, giving even more details about the constellations, stars, and planets that you can currently see in the sky.

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Saturday kids show - Constellations and "Space Shapes"

Saturday Nov 11

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Especially for younger audiences, come with us on a tour of the sky, learn about the constellations that you can see at this time of the year, and hear some fascinating stories about some of the constellations. Fly through space to other worlds, and enjoy the short full dome show "Space Shapes" where you can see a number of shapes that we find when we look into space.