Upcoming Shows and Times

All shows start with a tour of the nighttime sky as well as some other amazing sights in space using our full-dome Digistar 5 projection system (manufactured by Evans & Sutherland). Many of these are following by a professionally produced dull-dome multimedia shows on various exciting astronomical topics. Throughout the year some of our shows are more extensive nighttime sky tours, giving even more details about the constellations, stars, and planets that you can currently see in the sky.

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"The Sky's the Limit-History of Constellations"

Tuesday Nov 14

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Come join our regular sky tour and then experience the full dome show about constellations. Come see the original 48 constellations, and then the addition of others to fill in the southern sky. This program discusses how the constellations change with time as our own location in our galaxy changes. This full dome show was produced by Dr. David Wright at Tidewater Community College, and features original music by Mark C. Peterson of Loch Ness Productions.