Peer Role Models

Peer Role-Modeling Program Starts in Earnest!

Dr. Matt Close and the REALISE peer role-models are planning, designing, and strategizing great new opportunities for all our majors. We look forward to seeing the dividends as these student leaders help to strengthen our community of interdisciplinary science learning.

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Peer Role Models
  • My name is Allen "A.J." Greene. For a curious mind there’s not much to do at night in the rural Virginia countryside but to look upwards at the blanket of stars and wonder what exactly there are. When I was very young, six or so years old, I was shown Saturn with a cheap telescope in my very own back yard. Suddenly the universe seemed so much tinier, and I spent a great deal of my childhood thereafter reading everything I could get my hands on to try to understand it a little better. I knew right then that no matter what, I had to do something with my life that included shrinking the universe that little bit for whomever was curious enough to listen. Physics is tough, there’s no denying that, and honestly before I came to Radford University and actually tried it I never thought that I had a shot at achieving a career in that field. Yet, here I am, a Junior Physics major that has experience and confidence in the study I never thought I could fathom. This is due to my professors’ patience and accessibility, a strong community of peers, and an overall atmosphere that there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. The reason that I leapt at the opportunity to become a peer mentor is because I want all curiosity encouraged, all “why’s” found, and all questions answered, even if it is just one at a time.
  • My name is Daniel Harrison. I was born in EL Paso Texas but I have lived all over the country and even in Kuwait for 7 years. I am currently majoring in biology with a pre-medicine concentration and a minor in chemistry. My goal in life in terms of a career is to be a physician. Sense a young age I have always been a very curious person so science has always been appealing. When I was in high school I had a life threating injury that required surgery. After I saw how that doctor was able to change my life with his abilities, I knew I wanted to do something similar to that. I chose to attend Radford University as it has a very friendly environment that encourages growth academically but also as a person. The small class size and opportunity to conduct research were also pivotal in my decision on coming to Radford. I decided to apply to the REALISE peer role model team because through my own experiences as a student I wish at times I had a peer who I could turn to and ask for advice. Thus with me being in this position I will be able to help fellow peers in ways in which I wish I had. I am also very excited to learn about my fellow peers and their journey that has brought them this far. When I am able to find free time I enjoy going to the gym, hiking and hanging out with friends.
  • My name is Kelly Hodges. I am a sophomore biology major from Christiansburg, Virginia. I love reading, watching television, puzzles, and exploring. I am pursuing a biology degree with the goal of being a virologist/medical research scientist. I first decided I wanted to be a STEM major when I took high school biology and absolutely loved the material, it came easy to me unlike the other subjects. I chose Radford University because I have two family members that are Radford alumni, one being my mother, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I wanted to join the REALISE peer role modeling team because I love helping people and I love STEM, and this was a great way to combine the two. I hope this team creates a network which STEM majors can utilize and rely on for any help they may need. I also hope this experience furthers the interests of others and myself in the STEM field and makes those in this field more comfortable with their career paths and life choices.
  • My name is Marnesha "Nicole" Jones. I was born and raised in Richmond, VA. I am currently a junior here at Radford University with a major in Environmental Biology and minor in Geospatial Science. My ultimate goal is to start a career in Wildlife Biology or Veterinary science, and I decided this was the path for me before I even began to walk and stand on my own. As I grew older, this passion turned into wanting to study every animal possible in hopes of learning all there was to know about them. I chose Radford University to gain personal insight and knowledge with both professors and other students in science; I also enjoyed the prospect of studying in a more intimate environment because of the school size. I decided to join the REALISE peer role modeling team to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained while here at Radford University. I know that from experience, it is sometimes difficult to adjust to a new environment, especially transferring from high school to college. I came here not knowing much about college or what to expect, and that was probably one of the hardest things I had to endure as a student. I hope to change the path for new students joining Radford University for the first time—to let them know that it is okay to be YOU, even if that “you” is a dork that prefers Spongebob Squarepants and scrabble over a night out with her friends (ME).
  • My name is Natacha Rangel-Ribeiro. I am a sophomore chemistry major from Richmond Virginia. My career goal is to become doctor, or a pharmacologist depending on how my interests change and develop during the course of my time at Radford. Since I was a child I knew that I wanted to do something with science. I mostly thought I would be a doctor, but the field of pharmacology is something that I find extremely interesting. I chose Radford because it gave me the opportunity to play division one soccer and focus on my education through small class sizes and the opportunity to develop close relationships with my professors. I decided to join the peer role modeling team in order to make a difference and to have an impact on my fellow classmates at Radford. I hope to learn new skills from interacting with those who have different backgrounds than I do. In addition, I plan to help those students who are struggling to find their place within their major, or within Radford. In my free time I love playing soccer, reading, hiking, playing with my puppy Bentley and watching Netflix.
  • My name is Jazmin Valentine. I am a senior Forensic Chemistry major with a minor in Forensic Science. I live in Norfolk, Virginia but I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I aspire to be a Forensic Chemist in a crime lab for any level of government. When I was younger I used to watch Law & Order and I first decided that I wanted to be a judge, then a lawyer and finally when the newer crime shows began to air I realized that I was most interested in Forensic Science. I only ever took one chemistry class in High School, so deciding to major in chemistry was a huge deal for me, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t actually decide that I wanted to major in chemistry until I was applying for colleges. I came to Radford because it is one of the only schools in Virginia that offers forensic chemistry. I decided to become a REALISE mentor because I know that these science classes are tough and I know first-hand having someone that can relate to you about classes and lab reports is important in maintaining focus and accountability. I have had this vison of myself giving back what I have gotten from Radford, and that is leadership, knowledge and companionship. If I can supply those three things to people around campus then I feel as if I have done my part in helping others be great.