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Fall STEMed Reading Group

How can we get students to intellectually engage more with their coursework?
How can we better manage student group dynamics?
How can we challenge our students with interesting, authentic scientific problems without overloading ourselves with work?

Join us as we explore evidence-based instructional practices that can be immediately implemented in your classrooms, with an emphasis on project-based learning.

Our focus is in response to feedback from faculty across the three departments participating in REALISE, who've asked for actionable, practical advice for reforming instructional practices, and those who hoped to get together as they implement new project-based modules in their courses.

Breakthrough Strategies: Classroom-Based Practices to Support New Majority College Students

Kathleen A. Ross (author) 

The goal is to foster a community of scholarly dialogue around teaching, blending the best ideas of experts with the local wisdom and experience of our faculty.  Dr. Samantha Blevins from the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning will also be on hand when we wade into deep pedagogical waters and need a life line. 

All faculty are welcome to attend any/all session(s).

The readings are modular, such that discussing any in isolation will still be valuable - come when you can! If you missed the project-based learning workshop, don’t hesitate to come to a PBL-themed discussion, and learn about what your colleagues are doing (or new strategies to improve your own course projects). 

All meetings will be held every other Friday at 2:00PM in CS286. 

Email us for a copy of the book! 



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