Pre-Health Portfolio

The Pre-Health Portfolio is a resource that both you and the Pre-Health committee will use when you apply to a health-related professional school. The Pre-Health committee will review your portfolio and offer a critique for potential improvement.

Components of the portfolio:

  • A current resume or curriculum vitae including:
  • Your contact information (address, telephone, e-mail)
  • Academic achievements:
    • Research experiences: publications, presentations, other noteworthy educational experiences.
    • Academic awards and scholarships: membership in academic honorary societies, other academic recognitions, leadership experiences.
    • A detailed description of exposure to medical or dental settings: length of experience, relevant training, especially interesting or significant experiences.
    • Relevant work experiences
    • Description of volunteer activities
    • Any other information that strengthens your application
  • Academic transcripts (official copy from the registrar's office)
  • A statement describing your career aspirations and motivation (also called a personal statement)
  • Scores on MCAT, GRE, VCAT, PCAT or OAT as soon as available
  • Recommendation letters from three to five individuals who can comment on your academic performance, work efforts and ethic, volunteer contributions, medical shadowing experiences and so forth. Faculty members who know your motivation for your chosen profession, work habits, and/or personal characteristics are good choices for letters of recommendation. Letters from physicians with whom you have shadowed are essential for a complete and comprehensive committee letter of recomendation.
  • A signed form waiving or not waiving your right to view your letter of recommendation from the Pre-Health Committee, as well as to each of the individuals writing letters of recommendation for you.

In the case of applications to D.O. Schools (Osteopathic Medicine), a separate letter from a D.O. with whom you have shadowed is an essential component for your application.