First Steps

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a health-related career!  A career in health is a honorable and worthwhile profession.  The Pre-Health Advisory Committee is here to assist in your pursuit of this goal. 

What should you do now?

First, schedule a meeting with a pre-health advisor that covers your specific field.The advisor will help you plan a course of study and will give you insight into how to complete the most competitive application possible.

Second, if you need a committee letter of evaluation or want to schedule a mock interview, schedule a meeting with Dr. Georgia Hammond, Committee Chair, to start your portfolio. Typically, only medical schools require a committee letter of evaluation, but we will be happy to write letters for any pre-health student. You will need to submit many documents to the Pre-Health Advisory Committee to complete your portfolio. The portfolio must be completed before a committee letter of evaluation can be written.

Next, join the pre-health listserv. Send an email (subject and body don't matter) to: The listserv is used to communicate a variety of information to Pre-Health students, including on campus health-related school admission officer visits.

Mock interviews are held in April on an annual basis for Pre-Health students who need a committee letter and/or students who wish to hone their skills in the interview process. Electronic, as well as hard copies of letters of recommendation should be sent to the Pre-Health Committee Chair at least six weeks prior to application deadlines.

When health-related schools request the committee letter of evaluation, contact Dr. Georgia Hammond and provide the mailing address for all schools to which your letter should be mailed.