About Us

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee provides advice for students seeking careers in health-related fields including dentistry, medicine, optometry, occupational therapy, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. We are here to serve by advising students on course selection, standardized exams, shadowing experiences and to provide mock interviews. 

Admission to professional schools has become very competitive. Professional schools receive many more applications than the limited number of spaces in their classes. Each year, many students meet the basic requirements for admission to professional programs, but are not successful in gaining admission.

Those who are successful in gaining admission have exceeded the minimum criteria and have acquired an impressive set of credentials during their college (and maybe even high school) years. Serious students cannot start too soon to plan a course of study and extra-curricular experiences in order to accumulate the strongest possible set of credentials. Gaining admission to professional school is an involved process and a goal that requires constant effort and attention.

Pre-health students typically major in one of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology); however, students from all majors (i.e. Art, English, History) have been admitted to health-related programs.  Since the major does not matter, and there are no such majors as “Pre-Medicine” or “Pre-Dental” (and so forth), members of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee provide expert advice to students seeking careers in medicine.  

Students should meet with a pre-health advisor as soon as they choose health as a profession. This means that if you are a freshman and you are considering a health-related career, you should meet with a pre-health advisor your first semester at Radford University.

If you would like to schedule a mock interview, please contact Dr. Sarah Redmond sredmond3@RADFORD.EDU