Society of Physics Students

Society of Physics Students

The Radford University chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) is an active part of campus life for our physics majors. This group has consistently been recognized by the National Society of Physics Students as one of the best chapters in the nation, being designated either "Distinguished" or a rare "Outstanding" chapter for many years in a row. 

The SPS is a strong source of support and comraderie for our students. They meet regularly for both physics and social reasons, particpate in both their own and department events, and are a close-knit community of learners.

The SPS has been active for decades as a formal group, and is always welcoming to all students. Come join the group (membership is free!) and see what they are all about! 




SPS room

The Radford University SPS has their own room in the Department that they use for homework, socializing, quiet time, derivations, and just a general hang-out location. The walls are covered in whiteboards and are always full of constantly-evolving equations, graphs, silly drawings, and whatever else the students want.

The students also have their own coffee maker and refrigerator, along wiht shelves and community books. It's a hub of activity at times, a place of quiet at other times, and a unique resource that supports our students. 






Natural Log says "Hello!"

You may have noticed someone in the picture of the SPS room. We would like you to meet Natural Log. One day, a few years ago, one of the SPS members found an old log – yes, a real wood log – being discarded by someone else in our building. Seeing the obvious, this student rescued the log, and the log immediately acquired epic proportions. The students rightfully recognized that this was their new buddy, and they realized that the name of this fine individual was Natural Log. 

Natural log acquired their own identity, as evidenced by their fashion. The knit hat is all Radford University. However, the t-shirt is the official Radford University Physics t-shirt. Natural Log has strong arms, and a great smile to greet everyone in a friendly manner. Natural Log’s googly eyes take in everything, and those eyes see all mistakes in the students’ derivations on the whiteboards in their room. 

Natural Log is helpful in all of the students’ activities. They even provided guidance during the process of the SPS securing University club funding to go on an overnight trip to the observatories at the University of Virginia in April, 2022. Natural Log helped in students’ final exam studying, finishing of their final projects, and even in overseeing the packing of students’ rooms and apartments as they headed home for the summer. 

It should be noted that Natural Log was featured in the 2023 Winter Edition of the quarterly SPS Observer, the newsmagazine of the National Society of Physics students. 


Sigma Pi Sigma Class of 2022


Radford University Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society Class of 2022. 

The SPS participates in the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society, a group of exceptional physics scholars. Pictured here is the class of 2022 (the first 5 people left to right) along with Past-President and RU Physics alumnae Caitlyn Fischer, who came back for the induction ceremony. Our Sigma Pi Sigma members have gone on to amazing post-RU careers including teaching (e.g. Caitlynn), graduate school in physics (e.g. Jonathon Halferty, center with beard), and industry. Current SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma officers Kaleb Martin (far left) and Julia Buccola (second from right) keep both groups exceptionally active.