Physics Minor

Physics research students in the lab.
Students working in the lab on various research projects.

The Physics minor consists of 17 semester hours from the following:

  • PHYS 111:112 or PHYS 221:222
  • a minimum of 9 additional semester hours in PHYS, except PHYS 231 

We offer a number of applied Physics classes that will help you in your careers. Some of these include PHYS 309--Electronics Laboratory (2 hours), and PHYS 315--Embedded Microcontrollers (2 hours), both of which have either PHYS 112 or PHYS 222 as prerequisites.

PHYS 406--Geophysics (4 hours) offers a great experience for those who want to take their skills into the workforce in geophysics. Students in this class use state-of-the-art geophysical equipment including ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity (galvanic and capacitively coupled), seismic, gravity and magnetics.

Students may design their own custom learning experiences via the Physics minor.