AGU Fall Meeting 2012

Alec Frazier and Andrew Vaccaro presented the results of their sea ice research at the 2012 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. Alec and Andrew were two of the RU students enrolled in the Spring 2012 Physics 450--Arctic Geophysics class, taught by Dr. Rhett Herman. They all worked together (along with Dan Blake, Physics teacher at the Southwest Virginia Governor's School and RU adjunt physics instructor) to process the huge amount of data obtained on the ice. This data included electrical resistivity studies of the ice--yielding cross sections illumnating the ice thickness--as well a temperature readings of the ice surface. Our team suspected a correlation between the ice surface temperature and the ice thickness. We see a strong visual correlation between the two, and the team is currently working on a statistical analysis to confirm this.

Dec 31, 2099