RU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society Participate in Mussel Rescue at Claytor Lake

This is the second year the society helped with the effort to rescue as many stranded native mussels as possible and return them to the lake. The project rescued over 2000 mussels across the two-day effort.

"Due to the success of our efforts last year, this project has grown exponentially, with the Friends of Claytor Lake (FOCL) expanding the rescue effort to other shorelines on the lake. The members of RUTWS are proud to have spear-headed such an effort to rescue these creatures, which are bioindicators of habitat health," says biology faculty member Karen Francl who serves as the society's faculty advisor.

Learn more about the mussel rescue project at Claytor Lake.

Brenna Hyzy

Brenna Hyzy, a member of the RUTWS, saves mussels in Claytor Lake during the Mussel Recovery Project.

Nov 13, 2012
Ann Brown
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