Manizade and Jacobsen Awarded More than $200,000 from Va. Department of Education

Math faculty member Agida Manizade and College of Education and Human Development  faculty member Laura Jacobsen recently received a $221,953 grant from the Virginia Department of Education for their project Secondary Mathematics Professional Development Center.

In this project, Radford takes the lead and collaborates with Virginia Commonwealth University, Roanoke Higher Education, Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, New College Institute, and the MathScience Innovation Center to offer distance education graduate courses for 130 high school teachers in Southwest, Southside and Richmond regions.

The project supports high school teachers to improve their mathematics content, pedagogy and assessment related to teaching Algebra I, Algebra II, Algebra Functions and Data Analysis, Geometry and the Mathematics Capstone Course.

Courses include Linear Algebra for Teachers (VCU), Algebraic Structures, Functions and Sequences for Teachers (VCU), Foundations of the Number System (RU), Equity and Diversity in Mathematics Education (RU), Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry (RU), Applied Statistics for Teachers (VCU), and Educational Technology (RU).


Mar 28, 2012
Ann Brown