The Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology is an international journal produced by members of the Mathematics department at Radford University.

The Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics is a long-running conference series founded by Math department faculty member Wei-Chi Yang.

Virginia Mathematics Teacher is a peer-reviewed practitioner journal published twice each year by the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The journal features a balance between mathematics content and effective pedagogy to provide information and resources to inspire mathematics teachers at any level. Each article goes through multiple rounds of blind reviews and the acceptance rate for the publications is about 20%. The journal welcomes quality submissions from mathematics educators and mathematicians. The journal is edited by Dr. Agida Manizade.

The Secondary Mathematics Professional Development Center is a project that supports high school teachers to improve their mathematics content, pedagogy, and assessment related to teaching.  It offers distance-education graduate courses for 130 high school teachers in the Southwest, Southside, and Richmond regions.  The project is spearheaded by Dr. Agida Manizade and Dr. Laura Jacobsen.

The Artis College of Science and Technology's Summer Bridge is a week-long residential program for high school girls interested in science, technology, and mathematics.