Retired Faculty


Math Department Faculty from the 1970s.

Dr. David Albig, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. David Albig, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. David Albig, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Florida State University; M.A., University of Illinois; B.S., Michigan State University
Email:  Phone: (540) 639-3468

Dr. Albig taught at Radford University from Fall 1966 until Spring 2003. He served as chairman of the department from Fall 1977 until Spring 2000. These days, Dave is an avid golfer and remains one of the best extended joke tellers of all time.  Dr. Albig had the following to say recently.

“The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a long history of service to Radford University. Service includes developing strong majors in mathematics, statistics, and computer science; general education courses; and courses such as Business Calculus designed to meet the needs of other departments. The department’s faculty have always placed helping students as their number one professional responsibility.”

As an example of this dedication, the first faculty endowed scholarship at Radford University was established more than thirty years ago by Drs. Albig, Hansard, and Milton of the Mathematics and Statistics Department. Currently the department awards two endowed scholarships (the Albig scholarship and the Milton scholarship) to deserving students.

Dr. James Davis, Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.A., Western Michigan University; B.A., University of Michigan
Years at RU: 1988–2008

Mr. Gary Ford, Emeritus Assistant Professor
M.S., University of Connecticut; B.A., Trenton State College
Years at RU: 1966-2003

Dr. J.D. Hansard, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., M.S., B.S., University of Arkansas
Years at RU: 1969–99

Dr. Val Mah, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., M.S., Virginia Tech; B.S., University of Toronto
Years at RU: 1963–96

Dr. Paul M. McTeer, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Virginia Tech; M.S., B.S., Clemson University
Years at RU: 1969-2003

Dr. Coreen L. Mett, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., M.S., Mathematics, Michigan State University; B.S., Mankato State University
Years at RU: 1978–2003

Dr. Susan Milton, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Virginia Tech; M.A., Virginia Tech; B.S., Western Carolina University
Years at RU: 1967–2000

Dr. Bryan Moran, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., M.S., University of Notre Dame; M.S., Virginia Tech; B.S., University of Southern Louisiana
Years at RU: 1970-1999

Mrs. Sharon Myers, Emeritus Associate Professor
M.S., Statistics, Virginia Tech
Years at RU: 1989–96

Dr. Vasanth Solomon, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., Iowa State University; M.S., B.S., University of Madras
Years at RU: 1988-2001

Dr. Raymond E. Spaulding, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., University of Maryland; M.A., University of Illinois; A.B., Guilford College
Years at RU: 1966–2003

Dr. M. Jill Stewart, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., M.S., Virginia Tech; B.S. Georgia Southern University
Years at RU: 1985-2015

Dr. Sylvester Thompson, Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., A.M., A.B., University of Missouri; M.S., George Washington University
Years at RU: 1987-2013

Dr. Mack L. Whitaker, Emeritus Professor
Years at RU: 1962–1996