Application to the Teacher Education Program

In order to take the professional education courses and student teach in the senior year, a math major must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program by the end of the junior year. Contact the Office of Field Experience in the College of Education and Human Development for more information.

The application process begins with a mandatory meeting early in the Fall semester of the junior year, which includes a packet of application materials. (Contact the Office of Field Experience for the times of the mandatory meeting.) The application is made the following Spring semester by the third Monday in February.

In order to be accepted into the Teacher Education Program, students are required to take two classes by the end of their junior years:

  • HUMD 300 – Human Growth and Development: Birth through Adolescence
  • EDEF 320 – Introduction to Professional Education

Additionally, students must maintain a 2.75 GPA both overall and in the MATH and STAT courses required for the degree to be accepted into the program. The application includes transcripts from Radford and other schools from which transfer credit is received.

Basic Proficiency Tests

There are three basic proficiency tests that must be passed by the end of the junior year.

  • Praxis I -- Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (5732)
    The Praxis I is a pre-professional test of basic mathematical skills used for entry into teacher education programs at colleges and universities. It is adminstered by ETS. Registration is online but the computer-based test is offered year-round at local testing centers. (The nearest center is Roanoke.) A passing score is 150.
    Alternatively, credit for Praxis I may be given based on scores from previous college entrance exams:
    • Combined score of 1100 on the SAT Reading and Math sections with a minimum of 530 in each category
    • Composite ACT score of 24 with a minimum of 22 in Math and a minimum 46 in English plus Reading.
  • Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)
    The VCLA is another pre-professional test of basic reading and writing skills of future Virginia educators. A passing composite score is 470. More information about taking the VCLA can be found here. It is computer-based and offered at local testing centers. (The nearest center is in Christiansburg.)
  • Praxis II -- Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161)
    This test covers material from algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, and calculus commonly found in high school mathematics courses. It is recommended that students take MATH 142, MATH 152, MATH 260, MATH 335, and STAT 301 before attempting Praxis II, but students must pass Praxis II before they can be accepted into the Teacher Education Program. A passing score is 160. Praxis II are administered by ETS. Registration is online, but the computer-based tests may be taken year-round by appointment at local testing centers. (The nearest center is in Roanoke.)
    Prior to January 1, 2014, the requirement was a score of 147 on the older version of the test Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5060).

Health Requirements

The application includes three health tests:

Extracurricular Requirements

Prior to application, students must document a minimum of 50 clock hours of experience working with children in a structured learning environment. Experience with high school-aged children is preferable but not required. Examples include observing in school classrooms, assisting teachers, tutoring, planning activities in after-school programs or summer camps, or coaching at a sports camp.  More information and the forms to document the clock hours are available in the Office of Field Experience.

Applicants must also complete the online module Child Abuse and Neglect: Reporting and Responding for Child Educators. Upon completion, it will generate a certificate needed for application to the Teacher Education Program.