Mathematics majors in the Secondary Education Concentration must take

  • MATH 135 -- Fundamentals of Geometry
  • MATH 142 -- Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 151 -- Calculus and Analytical Geometry I*
  • MATH 152 -- Calculus and Analytical Geometry II*
  • MATH 251 -- Calculus and Analytical Geometry III*
  • MATH 252 -- Calculus and Analytical Geometry IV*
  • MATH 260 -- Introductory Linear Algebra
  • MATH 300 -- Mathematical Foundations
  • MATH 321 -- History of Mathematics
  • MATH 325 -- Special Methods -- Secondary Mathematics Education
  • MATH 412 -- Theory of Numbers
  • MATH 423 -- Concepts of Abstract Algebra
  • STAT 301 -- Probability and Statistics I

It is strongly recommended that these courses be completed by the end of the junior year if possible.

Students who do not seek a teaching license must take MATH 346, STAT 302, and one additional course from the Artis College of Science and Technology at the 300-level or higher.

There is no departmental B.S. requirement for majors seeking a Bachelor of Science degree. Majors seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree must also satisfy the B.A. language requirement.

*--A grade of at least a C is required in each course in the Calculus sequence. Departmental majors receiving credit for MATH 252 cannot subsequently receive credit for any 100-level mathematics course unless the course is required for their concentration. Additionally, majors in the Secondary Education Concentration must have a 2.0 GPA in the required MATH and STAT courses.