Mathematics and Science for Professional Educators Minor

The minor in Mathematics and Science for Professional Educators offers a preservice teacher a background in how young students learn math and science and strategies for effective instruction. The focus is not for preservice teachers of secondary math or science but is aimed at preservice teachers of other areas to give them a better understanding of both math and science concepts for their personal lives as well as how best to work with their future students who are in the process of learning those concepts. The minor covers the R area of the REAL Curriculum.

Students must take

  • MATH 122 -- Math Content for Teachers II
  • MATH 212 -- Elementary and Middle Grades Mathematics for Social Analysis
  • PHSC 350 -- Physical Science
  • 5 to 8 credits from the following courses
    • Any Astronomy course
    • Any Biology course
    • CHEM 111 and CHEM 120 or CHEM 111 and CHEM 112 or CHEM 111 and CHEM 122
    • Any Geology course
    • ITEC 109 or ITEC 120
    • Any Mathematics course, except MATH 100, MATH 121, MATH 125 or MATH 160
    • Any Physics course
    • Any Statistics course