Foundational Math

Under the REAL Curriculum, all students are required to either take a class designated Foundational Math or demonstrate Foundational Math competency through transfer credits (including dual enrollment or AP credits) or with a sufficient score on our math placement test ALEKS PPL.

Foundational Math Courses

Three courses are designated as Foundational Math. They have no prerequisites.

  • MATH 100 Quantitative Reasoning (Formerly MATH 114 Math and Human Society)
    This course focuses the mathematical needs of students in majors where the broader applications of foundational mathematical topics is more important than the development of more sophisticated mathematical tools. Topics include mathematical modeling, descriptive statistics, financial mathematics, and voting theory. (3 credits, students may not receive credit for MATH 100 after receiving credit for a higher numbered MATH course)
  • MATH 121 Math Content for Teachers I
    Covers a variety of topics in number systems, operations, proportional reasoning, and basic number theory. The content of this course adheres to the NCTM Standards and the Virginia Standards of Learning where they can appropriately be applied. The purpose of this course is to combine the pedagogy and mathematics needed to appropriately teach elementary and middle school mathematics. (3 credits) Full course description
  • MATH 125 Precalculus I (Formerly Finite Math for Business and Economics)
    An introductory course for students who will pursue more advanced mathematics courses or in degree programs that require a solid foundation in mathematics. The focus is on linear, quadratic, algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs. Applications include simple linear models, linear systems, optimization with quadratic functions, and problem solving in finance such as compound interest and annuities. Calculators and/or Excel will be used in problem solving. (3 credits, Credit for MATH 125 may not be received after receiving credit for a MATH course numbered higher than 125 or for MATH 119 unless required by a degree program.) Full course description

The prerequisite for STAT 130, STAT 200, or STAT 219 is any MATH course, including these three.
Students who need to take a MATH course numbered higher than MATH 125 (except for MATH 212) but who do not place into that course should take MATH 125 as a prerequisite.

Foundational Math Competency

Students may satisfy the Foundational Math requirement by establishing competency through one of the following pathways

  • A score of 46 or higher on our math placement test ALEKS PPL will satisfy the Foundational Math requirement of the REAL Curriculum via competency. However, several majors require MATH 121, MATH 125, or higher MATH course that has MATH 125 as a prerequisite. Some programs that require MATH 125 will accept an ALEKS PPL score of 61 or higher in place of credit for MATH 125.  
  • Transfer credit for one of the following without also having transfer credit for one of the above Foundational Math courses will establish Foundational Math competency at the MATH 125 level.
  • MATH 126 Business Calculus
  • MATH 138 Precalculus II
  • MATH 168 Calculus I with Integrated Precalculus I
  • MATH 171 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
  • Other courses approved by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics