Student Media Lab Technician

The University has an opening for a student technician in the Student Media Lab. Our IT students have served in the this position for several years. A rising junior would be ideal for this position, someone who would remain in the position for two years. The hiring manager is willing to train candidates so applicants should apply even if they do not have all the desired skills.

Update Student Media Websites as needed--this will require knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. 

We are moving towards using a CMS, but the Lab Tech Manager will still need to know how to build websites from the ground up, and will need to assist in the transition to the CMS. We also use WordPress for some of our websites, but knowledge of that is not required. 

Lab Tech Manager will be expected to maintain our equipment checkout webpage. 

Troubleshoot lab printers--we print strange sizes, and the Lab tech Manager will need to help the students make the computers and printers play nicely. 

Some experience with Mac computers necessary (We mainly use Macs in our labs and offices). 

Experience with databases (SQL, MySQL, etc)--this is for Radio Free Radford, though this may change as the software gets more user-friendly. 

The Lab tech Manager will be required to keep office hours in order to meet with Student Media Leaders on technological issues. 

Knowledge of A/V equipment is not necessary, but the Lab Tech Manager will be expected to gain SOME basic knowledge of how the cameras, video cameras, and audio equipment work. 

Lab Tech Manager will be called upon occasionally to install/troubleshoot new software as well as operating systems. 

This person will report directly to Geoff White, the Assistant Director for Student Media. 

To apply, please send a resume to Geoff White at gwhite13@RADFORD.EDU.

Mar 27, 2014
Geoff White