Booz Allen Hamilton

Wanted: Technology Wizard – Junior Full-Stack Developer

Change the lives of millions

Booz Allen Hamilton has been working closely with the smartest, most adaptive, most agile, organizations that exhibit a new way of working that enable them to keep the pace with change, harness complexity, and transform industries.  We combine this knowledge with our tradition of excellence in over 100 years of consulting experience. The result is Booz Allen Digital. We’re a fast-moving consultancy, and we’re looking for a full-stack developer to help us build the tools to change the way people organize and work, forever. 

Start-up mentality, depth of a giant

By becoming a ground-floor member of the development team, you’ll help establish tools and practices. Your creations will be used by some of the most influential organizations operating today. You’ll have the thrill of working in a startup environment from within the established support of a consulting giant.

How we’ll work and how you will fit

Each member of the team will be on equal standing with the user throughout the product development process – from conception, to build, to launch. Everyone will live and breathe prototypes. Everyone will meet with users. Everyone will witness user behavior. And the work will have impact. 

Are you a Git aficionado? Do you have a favorite data store, front-end framework, collaboration style, tool, or method? Propose it! Rather than setting rigid requirements about which technologies are “corporate-approved” and safe-to-use, you’ll be given the freedom to choose the right tool to get the job done. We believe that an all-star technology team is capable of making rational decisions based on system-risk, ramp-up time, and ease-of-use, and that novelty will never trump utility.

You might be the right person for the job if:

  • You’re versatile in front-end and backend development. You know when to go SQL, NoSQL, and graph.
  • You’re a framework guru with a sharp point of view on AngularJS vs. React, Underscore, jQuery
  • You believe in code so clean, it’s nearly self-documenting. 
  • You’ve built applications for web and mobile, and know how to design for each.

Basic Qualifications

  • BS in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Design and Development
  • Knowledge of databases, both relational and NoSQL
  • Knowledge of distributed systems and REST based web APIs

What you’ll do

  • Implementing front-end prototypes used to validate product concepts, iterating on those that stick.
  • Shaping backend connections (Go, Ruby, Node, Python, etc.) to those interfaces from product designs.
  • Proposing tool chain standards and practices.
  • Deploying code and creating hooks to keep things operational.
  • Design cloud-based architectures and solutions for secure, highly scalable systems

Are you up for the challenge?

Jobs fill up fast at up-and-coming companies located in one of America’s most desirable metro areas. So don’t leave us hanging. Apply today by contacting Josh Boyd:

Josh Boyd, Senior Lead Engineer
Booz Allen Hamilton, Strategic Innovation Group | Digital
Office 571-346-5030
Mobile 703-226-9301