RUSecure CTF Contest

Announcing the 2017-2018 Radford University Cyber Security Contests for High School and Community College Students




On-line preliminary round: Monday, November 6th at 9am - Saturday, December 9th 2017 at 12pm

This will be a five-week, virtual contest with hints and educational materials available. The purpose of this contest is to educate, motivate and reward students interested in cybersecurity.

On-line qualifying round: March 17th - March 31st 2018
The RUSecure CTF Contest Qualifying Round will take place from March 17th through March 31st.  Like the fall contest, this will be a two-week virtual contest.  However, unlike the fall contest, hints and educational materials will not be provided with each question.

The top seven teams in this qualifying round will advance to the on-campus RUSecure CTF Final Round on April 28th with the caveat that no more than two teams from any one school may advance to the finals.  In the case that one school has more than two teams in the top seven, the next highest ranking team will advance.

Teams registering for this contest must include at least three team members including the captain and must include a faculty member as a coach.  Teams are limited to at most five student members.  The registration for each team member must include their name and their e-mail address.  Incomplete registrations will be removed prior to the contest.

Teams are allowed to include students from multiple schools.  If a team consists of students from multiple schools, select the multiple schools option on the second question and we will be in touch to get more information.  Teams with students from multiple schools will also be required to have faculty coaches from all of those schools.

The top 7 teams from this event will be invited to campus for the finals.

On-campus finals: April 28th 2018

A one-day, on campus event. Finalists will participate in a variety of activities including a Capture the Flag contest.  Scholarships will be offered to all finalists based upon placement in the contest.



These contests will challenge students in a wide variety of topic areas including anatomy of an attack, an introduction to networking, cryptography, forensics, web security, and Windows/Linux security. The preliminary round provides an opportunity for students to learn a great deal of material in a short period of time, motivated by challenges and supported by hints, videos, and other educational materials. The qualifying round provides an opportunity for students to test their mettle against their peers and continue to hone their skills. Earning their way to the on-campus finals should provide an experience they will never forget as they learn to construct a network and then defend it from expert penetration testers.


How to enter