Kari-Lyn Henkel

Radford Alumna Skyrockets To Senior Position In IT Profession

By: Emily Lewis

An Information Technology degree from Radford University is helping Kari-Lyn Henkel share her clients business with the world. As a Senior Web Developer at Immerge Technologies in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Kari-Lyn’s position specializes in creating the design and user experience of a website.

In a typical day, she meets with clients to get to know their business culture, understand the wants and needs of their website, and learn the core of their design preferences. Overall, she is sure to design a website that will function in the way it needs to while providing an exceptional user experience.

Making a client’s vision a reality is one of the rewards of the job. “Many of our clients meet with us with several ideas and problems with their current online presence which can be extremely overwhelming for them,” Kari-Lyn said. “It brings me great joy to show them a mockup of their website and see all the concerns and confusion melt away.”

Immerge Technologies is a digital marketing firm with award-winning services in web development, responsive design, and search engine marketing and optimization.  Kari-Lyn stated that she appreciates the priorities of her company, “Immerge prioritizes the success and fulfillment of each individual. We know that your best work comes from doing the things you enjoy and therefore we will be more successful when that happens.”

Kari-Lyn graduated from Radford with a Web Development concentration, which helped her develop the necessary skills she needed to become successful in the IT field. “The web concentration gave me all the hard skills I needed to begin my career in web development. I learned the standards of coding languages as well as working to a client’s needs,” Kari-Lyn stated.

She emphasized that the hands-on training provided by Radford’s program is crucial to this field, “I see many students that did not practice these skills and only learned the theory behind them,” Kari-Lyn recalls. “Radford equips students with the tools they need to be useful right after graduation.”

Radford’s class sizes and working relationships with faculty were among Kari-Lyn’s fondest memories of her college experience. “The professors care about the success of their students individually and that is nearly impossible to find in other universities,” she stated. “They continue to give me useful advice just as they did when I was attending Radford.”

Kari-Lyn’s main advice for students in the IT and Web program, as well as students in general is to form a relationship with professors, gain experience, and stay involved, “Get to know your professors, learn from their experiences and listen to their advice.  I would also highly recommend doing an internship that allows you to experience what developers in the industry experience every day, ” she said. “Absorb yourself in the college experience by getting involved in extracurricular of all kinds. The more active you are in college the more opportunity you have to learn skills you may not utilize in class but they will be critical.”