Web Development

The Concentration of Web Development at Radford University

The Web Development concentration is designed to produce professionals with expertise in all aspects of web site development and operation from site aesthetics to systems programming to ecommerce transaction processing. This is a heavily cross-disciplinary concentration with required courses in business, art, media studies, communications, as well as information technology.

Business Courses Required

ACTG 211 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ECON 106 - Principles of Microeconomics
MKTG 340 - Principles of Marketing
COMS 326 - Web Production

Technology Courses Required

ITEC 110 - Principles of Information Technology
ITEC 120 - Principles of Computer Science I
ITEC 220 - Principles of Computer Science II
ITEC 225 - Web Programming I
ITEC 226 - Digital Imaging for the Web
ITEC 227 - Animation for the Web
ITEC 315 - Graphical User Interface Design and Implementation
ITEC 325 - Web Programming II
ITEC 335 - Software Testing
ITEC 345 - Introduction to Information Security
ITEC 350 - Intoduction to Computer Networking
ITEC 425 - Advanced Web Development
ITEC 490 - IT Professionalism
ITEC 442 - Data Warehousing, Mining, and Reporting 
ITEC 281 - Data Management and Analysis  AND
ITEC 485 -Decision Support Systems

Other Requirements for the Major

MATH 126 - Business Calculus (or MATH 151)
STAT 200 - Introduction to Statistics (or STAT 301)
Elective Hours - 9-10 Hours
B.S. Requirements - 6-7 Hours

For more information on this challenging but highly rewarding major contact: Dr. Jeff Pittges

Department of Information Technology
PO Box 6933
Radford, VA 24142

Phone: 540-831-5381
Email: jpittges@radford.edu
Office: 008 Davis Hall