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    . Please email me for a copy with the errata fixed.
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Current Projects

  • Runtime environment for Desktop Grid Computing, Supported by Radford Internal Research Grant, $16500
  • Execution environment for resource intensive programs on mobile computing platforms.

Past Projects



  • Co-PI, Bridges and Pipelines to Success and Leadership in STEM, NSF grant of $597427, 2009 - 2013.


  • Senior Investigator, ARROWS: Achieving Recruitment, Rentention and Outreach with STEP, NSF, 2005 - 2010 (left the project in August 2006 due to change in employer).
  • PI, Hybrid System Call Interposition, University of Missouri Research Board, June 2004 - December 2005



  • Justin Rutherford, Senior, Expected graduation date: May 2011


  • Kenneth King, B.S, Worked on a research project. Currently: Technical Analyst, CGI Federal.
  • David Durbin, B.S summer research project, May 2008, Currently:
  • Vivek Diwakara, M.S - worked on a research project, Currently: Microsoft
  • Vikas Rajegowda, M.S - worked on a research project, Currently: AcmePacket
  • Praveen Lella, M.S - worked on a research project, Currently: JP Morgan Chase & Co, Kansas City, MO
  • Uday Joshi, M.S Thesis, December 2005. Currently: Software Engineer, NetAppliance, CA
  • Sachin Singh, M.S Thesis, October 2005. Currently: Software Engineer, Children's Mercy Hospital - Cardiology Dept, Kansas City, MO.
  • Swetha Thummala, M.S Thesis, November 2005. Currently: Software Engineer, SBC Telecommunications, St. Louis, MO.
  • Preethi Naik, M.S Thesis, August 2005, Currently: Software Engineer, Alcatel, CA
  • Saurabh Pathak, M.S Thesis, 2005, Currently: Software Engineer, Ask Jeeves, New York
  • Mayura Vuchuru, M.S Thesis, June 2005. Currently: Software Engineer, Microsoft, Redmond WA

Dissertation Program Committees

  • M.S committee, Nirav Shah (2004), Sushil Puradkar (2004), Madhura Maideo Janardhan (2005)   
  • Ph.D committee, Ajay Gupta SUNY Stony Brook, May 2004