Advising Resources

The resources below help students plan course schedules and assess academic progress. The degree audit provides a complete listing of degree requirements and the program flowcharts illustrate course sequences and restrictions on course offerings. The combination of the audit and the flowcharts enables students to effectively plan their academic pursuit. 


Degree Audit

A degree audit lists all of the requirements for your degree, including (but not limited to):

  • Minimum number of hours required
  • Advanced hours required
  • Core requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Minor requirements

The degree audit will note if a requirement has or has not been fulfilled, or if it is in progress. This is a useful tool to track progress toward degree completion.


Class Schedules

Students can view all the course offerings or a concise version of their class schedule for a selected semester. These list information about each class, including semester start and end dates, class location, instructor, course number, and credit hours. Students must be logged into MyRU to see a Concise Class Schedule.


Program Flowcharts

Program flowcharts illustrate the order that classes must be taken and timing restrictions. Use the flowchart to plan semester course schedules.


Security Certificate

The Department of Information Technology at Radford University offers an immersive curriculum in computer security. It includes a National Security Agency’s Committee on National Security Standards certified pre-baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate in Information Security.


Registration Information

Provides information on how to register for classes, view your class schedule, and other registration features.


VCCS Transfer Guide

Provides information on how to transfer to Radford from the Virginia Community College System. 


Detailed Course Descriptions

These provide additional information about each course in the curriculum. Details include credit hours, topics covered, course conduct, and course objectives, among others. 


Progress Sheets

Progress sheets are worksheets meant to help students keep track of their degree progress.


CORE Curriculum

The Radford CORE Curriculum is designed to give students a well-rounded, diverse education. It is meant to equip students to succeed by exposing them to various disciplines.