Solers Representative Visits Campus to Offer Students Career Advice

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, one of the leading companies in innovative Information Technology solutions visited campus. Solers is an IT provider to the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), other federal agencies, as well as commercial customers.

Solers visits campus

Greg Caufman from Solers’ Blacksburg office met with students in the IT professionalism class to talk about Solers and to answer questions on resumes, career fairs, interviewing, and navigating job offers. Greg shared his thoughts about preparing for interviews. “You need to have a personal elevator pitch that differentiates you from your peers” he said.  “Tell the story of what makes you unique.”  

Many students are not as well informed about the work of their prospective companies and that can be a big trap.  “Do your homework when you are looking for a job so you can be informed when you approach a potential employer” added Greg. “Interviews of different length can take place at any time in the process, so you have to be ready with your resume and the highlights of who you are and how you could meet their needs.”

Corporate culture and fit does go both ways though.  Greg advised students to “know what you are looking for in a position or a company.”  He added “This includes their expectations, locations, types of projects and other intangibles that might impact your satisfaction with the organization.”

Information Technology job searches can provide particular challenges in that there may be very targeted technical requirements for a position.  On that subject Greg said “Most companies don’t have you complete a technical interview (where a candidate is asked to code or complete a task) but if they do, you must be prepared to handle it.” He emphatically stated “You have to know what you say you know how to do on your resume and you must show that you can solve problems.” 

Greg also shared information about Solers, the company he represents. Cutting edge technology employed by Solers directly supports mission objectives and critical national security imperatives. Solutions range from ingesting, processing, and distributing data from weather satellites for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to cybersecurity where the company uses the World's largest Active Directory instance from Microsoft to provide identity and access management solutions.

Solers has a co-op program that allows students to work full-time at their company alongside experienced software engineers while still in school. At Solers, students will develop customer-facing applications that will be deployed and used around the world. A position has been reserved for at least one opening in their co-op program in fall 2017 for a qualified Radford CS or IS major. Learn more at:

Mar 8, 2017