Visitors for ITEC 490

The following companies will be visiting Dr. Wang's 490 class in Young 302, Everyone is invited to attend


CGI: Feb. 5 12:00-12:50; Class visit (Company information and on-going projects; Interview and hiring process)

Rackspace: Feb. 24
Information Session(Projects at Rackspace; IT Professionalism; Interview tips); Young 302
1:00 -2:00;   Tech Talk (The Rackspace Cloud Control Panel); Heth 016
2:15 – 4:00;  Information table; Stuart Lounge

Derick Maggard, Director of RBTC (Roanoke - Blacksburg Technology Council): Feb. 17 12:00-12:50; Introduction to RBTC and companies in the NRV

Multivision: Feb. 19 12:00-12:50; Class visit (Job market; hot skills and communication)

Dr. Martin L. Barrett, Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Chair, Department of Computing, East Tennessee State University: Feb. 21 12:00-12:50; Class visit (Graduate school and application)


Feb 10, 2014