ACM Receives Radford University’s Outstanding Student Organization Award 2011-2012

ACM Avalanche Event

The Association for Computing Machinery is dedicated to preparing Radford Students to become successful professionals, and develop essential skills for working in Information Technology. Radford University’s local ACM chapter has received the most prestigious award available to student organizations - The Outstanding Student Organization Award.

The ACM offers students opportunities to stand apart once they're in the job market, and gives students in IT a means to network with like-minded students, professors, and professionals in industry. There are various events throughout the year including lectures from professors about topics in IT and workshops that provide technical skills to students. The ACM also hosts social events such as 24 hours "Gamejams", lan party events, and videogame tournaments that give students time to relax from studying. There have been numerous programming competitions that the ACM has helped coordinate including the ACM Programming Contest, the local Radford Student Programming Contest, and the High School and Community College Programming Contests.

Radford's chapter president Alex Meade has worked hard to make the ACM a worthwhile experience for Radford Students. This year has had the highest number of members and the most events it has ever seen since its establishment in 1987. Meade describes Radford's ACM as "the epitome of a student run organization" where "the students organize and fulfill the vision of our events and goals".

Apr 27, 2012