Computer Science II - Live Projects

Live data projects are introduce into CS 2 at Radford University both as assignments in the closed laboratory and as homework projects. For more information please contact Joe Chase (

Live projects in CS 2

  • At the CS 2 level, live projects involve live datasets
  • These are generally datasets provided as web services
  • Dataset formats include JSON, XML, CSV, and text
  • Generally include two live data projects – one laboratory exercise and one homework

Live projects in laboratory

  • Laboratory exercise based on work by Pete Depasquale (SIGCSE 2006)
  • Requires students to create a free geonames account
    • and create an account
    • once you have created the account, visit the account page and click on the link to enable web services
  • Use the JSON weather data web service to access and process data from a variety of weather stations
  • Students are given a working sample program that parses data for a single weather station

Live projects as homework

  • After completing the laboratory exercise students are required to:
    • Find a web service in which they are interested
    • Design and build an application of their choosing around that web service

Live projects – web crawler

  • Students are asked to use IOUtils and a queue to build a simple webcrawler
  • Students are allowed to use JSoup
  • As a “teachable moment” students are encourage to search for their own name
  • Web Crawler Example