Dr. Prem Uppuluri
(Director of the Center and Professor,  Information Technology)

Dr. Uppuluri was a member on multiple panels including the NIST sponsored National K12 Cybersecurity Conference 2015, and, the Virginia Department of Education Cybersecurity in Trade and Industrial Education Business advisory committee (2016/2017). He is a member of the  National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Working Group and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education K12 Working group.  Dr. Uppuluri is  the curriculum coordinator for the IMPACT program in Cybersecurity at Radford. 

His research is funded by external grants that have totaled over $1.5 million from the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Uppuluri was awarded the ARTIS Outstanding Faculty Award for Research and Service 2011 and College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Award 2014.


Dr. Jeff Pittges
(Director, Applied Research Center and Associate Professor, IT)

Dr. Pittges has more than 25 years of experience with data warehousing and business intelligence, including 20 years as a software developer, software architect and business executive at Oracle, Nortel, Red Brick Systems and four Silicon Valley startups. A recipient of the College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Award, Dr. Pittges has been instrumental to the IT department’s growth into a regional educational leader in data management and analytics.


Dr. Joe Chase (Professor, IT. Director of RUSecure CTF contest)

Dr. J. D. Chase is a Professor in the Department of Information Technology at Radford University. Dr. Chase has served in a variety of capacities within the University including Director of Information Technology, Chair of the Department of Information Technology, Dean of the College of Information Science and Technology, and Dean of the College of Science and Technology.

Dr. Chase received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in 1994 with a specialty in Human-Computer Interaction. Professor Chase's current areas of specialization include Computer Science Education, Cyber-Security Education, Software Engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction. He regularly teaches courses in Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms as well as Game Development. Professor Chase is an author of multiple textbooks with Addison-Wesley/Pearson Publishing, is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), Phi Kappa Phi (PKP), Gamma Beta Phi (GBP), and Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK). He is also active in the ACM Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education (SIGCSE).


Dr. Stephen Owen (Physical Security, Professor CRJU)

Dr. Owen is a Professor of Criminal Justice and Chair of Radford University’s Department of Criminal Justice.  Dr. Owen holds a B.S. In criminal justice from Southeast Missouri State University and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.  Dr. Owen’s primary teaching and research areas include emergency management and disaster preparedness, physical security and crime prevention, and criminal justice and policing policy.  Dr. Owen is author of over 80 publications, including books, chapters, articles, proceedings, encyclopedia entries, and reviews.  Dr. Owen has completed numerous professional certifications in incident command, continuity of operations planning, emergency exercise development, emergency management, and public safety telecommunications.  Dr. Owen has been recognized as recipient of the Radford University Foundation Distinguished Service Award, the Radford University Foundation Distinguished Creative Scholar Award, and the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award.  Additional information is available on Dr. Owen's vita.


Dr. Tod Burke (Professor CRJU)

Dr. Burke received his B.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD; his M.F.S. in Forensic Science from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.; and his M. Phil. and Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York (John Jay School of Criminal Justice).

Dr. Burke has authored or co-authored approximately 150 publications, including journal articles (over 40 peer-reviewed), book chapters, encyclopedia entries, and other publications. Dr. Burke’s research interests can be classified into six board areas, and sometimes overlapping categories, including: (1) policing, criminal investigation, and forensic science; (2) criminal justice policy; (3) mental health issues; (4) controversial legal issues; (5) Victimology; and (6) criminal justice education and pedagogy.  His research has been published in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, Homicide Studies, Journal of Forensic Sciences, Journal of Police Studies, Journal of Police Science and Administration, The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, and The Police Chief.


Dr. Donna Boyd

Eminent Professor of Anthropology
Co-Director of the Radford University Forensic Science Institute (RUFSI)




Dr. Cliff Boyd

Professor of Anthropology
Co-Director of the Radford University Forensic Science Institute (RUFSI)