About the GIS Center

The GIS Center at Radford University, established in July 2001, provides training in GIS software, remote sensing, surveying and other geospatial techniques to both the university community and others. Staffed by faculty in the Geospatial Science Department, the Center serves as a training facility, a place for faculty to learn about GIS and how to use it in the classroom, and a resource for the community.

Classes are taught each year by Center staff in the use of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Suite, ArcGIS Server, Google Maps API and LIDAR. Please visit this site often to see the latest class schedules.

July 27-29
Forensic LIDAR Scanning Class

The Center also supplies contract services to the community, including user needs analysis, custom GIS programming, custom mapping, as well as use of the Center’s large format HP DesignJet plotter for making large presentation graphics.