Geospatial Science is a discipline that focuses on using information technology to understand people, places and processes of the earth. Spatial analysis of human and physical variables is fundamental to the discipline. Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems technologies are commonly used as measurement, observation and analysis tools. Learn more about the Geospatial Science program »

Important Resources

  1. Green Team commemorates Earth Week with tree planting by the river »


    In the midafternoon on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, during Earth Week, the Radford University Green Team took a small step toward improving the Earth and the lives of its inhabitants by planting a Buckeye, a willow and a River Branch tree between the New River and Dedmon Center.

  2. Alumnus graces pages of popular clothing catalog »


    Joey Crosby ’18 majored in geospatial science at Radford, serves the people of Connecticut as a constituent engagement coordinator and recently modeled for a Vineyard Vines catalog along with his partner, Chris, and their black lab, Georgia.

  3. Stockton Maxwell finds environmental secrets in tree rings »


    As a dendrochronologist, Associate Professor of Geospatial Science Stockton Maxwell focuses much of his research on vegetation dynamics and fire disturbance history using tree-ring analysis. He’s cored trees for research all across the United States, from Virginia to Maine to California, and exotic locations around the world, helping with efforts in Peru, Brazil and Zambia. Maxwell is a teacher, too, willing to talk with anyone, of any age or stature, about the science that captured his imagination nearly 20 years ago.