Prospective Students

Here are some of the many reasons why we think you should consider being a Geology major and obtaining your B.S. degree in geology from the Department of Geology:

  • All of our full-time teaching faculty have their terminal degrees (Ph.D.) and all teach their own classes (as opposed to some bigger Ph.D.-granting universities where your class may be taught by a Graduate Assistant).
  • A number of our teaching faculty have won national-level and regional-level awards for their dedication to and excellence in teaching and scholarship - 'you' get the benefits of not only a top-notch classroom learning environment with these professors but also by their helping you as your faculty advisers.
  • Our location in the Valley and Ridge in the Virginia Appalachian mountains offers our students easy access to a variety of geologic terrains via our many class-related field-trips. We are also fortunate to be so close to the New River and its geologic features for study and research.
  • We have a track-record of very high job-placement rates among our graduates. Over the past several years, studies conducted by the RU Office of Institutional Research indicate that Geology graduates from RU have had a placement rate in excess of 90% following graduation.
  • Our labs have modern, state-of-the-art instrumentation and field gear in addition to computer facilities with a variety of geologic software to help ensure that you will be ready for employment or graduate school following your graduating from the Department of Geology at RU.
  • We have a extensive network of alumni who are ready to help you network with professionals in industry and graduate schools for advancing your career.
  • We also have had a very successful track-record of helping find Summer Internships for our majors with a variety of national and international professional organizations, federal and state agencies and the industry.
  • We offer financial-aid to our majors in the form of Geology Work Study positions that are paid positions for work that you do in helping run our courses and labs - such an experience is always a valuable addition to your resume while in college!
  • We offer two scholarships for students in Geology:

    Robert C. & Brenda Lark Whisonant Scholarship

    Dr. and Mrs. Whisonant have been active members of the Radford community for many years. Dr. Whisonant taught in the RU Geology Department for over 31 years and Mrs. Whisonant served as the Director of the Speech and Hearing Clinic for six years after receiving her Master’s Degree from the RU Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. This endowment provides a scholarship for students in the Geology Department.
    The scholarship donors are Dr. and Mrs. Robert Whisonant.

    Candidate must be a full-time Geology major enrolled at Radford University, have completed at least four (4) semester hours of 200-level, or higher, Geology courses at Radford University and must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in major and overall.

    Deadline 04/04/2017

    Supplemental Questions
    1.     Please submit two (2) letters of recommendation from the Geology faculty.

    Love’s Geology Scholarship
    1. Must be a full-time Geology major enrolled at Radford University. Must submit a resume and letter stating the reasons you feel qualified to receive this award.
    2. Must have completed at least four (4) semester hours of 200- level or higher Geology courses at Radford University. Priority consideration given, but not restricted, to students active in the Geology Department.
    3. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in major and overall. Must have two letters of recommendation from Geology faculty.
    4. Financial aid is a consideration, but not required. Previous recipients ineligible. FAFSA required.