Dr. Parvinder ("Parv") Sethi

Dr. Parvinder Sethi photo

Dr. Parvinder ("Parv") Sethi
Reed Hall 202
Box 6939
Tel: (540) 831-5619
Fax: (540) 831-5732



B.S. - Ferguson College
M.S. - University of Brussels
Ph.D. - North Carolina State University

Courses Taught

GEOL 100. Earth Resources & Natural Hazards
GEOL 105. Exploring Earth
GEOL 310. Mineralogy
GEOL 365. Oceanography


Dr. Parvinder ("Parv") Sethi's research interests center on a variety of environmental applications of clays and other minerals. In addition, he is also interested in the emerging field of instructional technology as it applies to more effective teaching in geosciences.

Some of his research areas have included:

  1. Use of black-shale mineralogy and geochemistry for investigating the pyrite-based pollution potential and engineering aspects of such strata in the Devonian Millboro Shale exposed in parts of Virginia.
  2. Use of mineralogy, sedimentary micro-and macro-structures, and organic and inorganic geochemistry of sedimentary rocks to investigate ancient global climate change events and their role in the enhanced burial and preservation of organic carbon. This research involves samples from regions including Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and the shores of Lake Ontario in Canada.
  3. Use of clay mineralogy and geochemistry for investigating high-frequency, El Nino-type global warming and cooling events in a rift-basin setting in southern Baja peninsula of Mexico.
  4. Use of clay mineralogy and naturally-occurring iron and manganese oxide minerals in design and development of 'super-absorbent' landfill liners for decreasing the risk posed by leaking landfills to groundwater.
  5. Use of electro-kinetics for remediation of clay-rich soils contaminated with coal tars.
  6. Design and development of 'made-from-scratch', interactive, multimedia CD-ROMs for teaching introductory-level physical geology and mineralogy.


  • "The Geological Society of America - Biggs Award for Excellence in College Teaching" in 1997, and
  • "The National Association of Geoscience Teachers - Eastern Region - John H. Moss Award for Excellence in Teaching" in 2002.