Dr. Rhett Herman


Dr. Rhett Herman
Reed Hall 311
Box 6939
Tel: (540) 831-5441
Fax: (540) 831-5732



B.S. Physics and Chemistry - Wake Forest University
M.S. Physics - Montanta State University
Ph.D. Physics - Montana State University

Courses Taught

PHYS 111:112. General Physics I:II
PHYS 301. Meteorology
PHYS 307. Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 330. Thermodrynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHYS/GEOL 406. Geophysics
PHYS 450. Arctic Geophysics
PHYS 3450. Geophysical/Archaeological Search and Recovery
ASTR 421. Solar System Astronomy


Dr. Herman's research interests include near surface geophysics as applied to studies of arctic sea ice as well as archaeological studies (in any location). He specializes in applications of resistivity and ground penetrating radar. He also works in the field of semi-classical gravity esp. renormalization of quantum fields in curved space-time.