The Geology Department presently consists of five full-time, tenured and tenure-track faculty, one lab coordinator, one adjunct faculty, one emeritus faculty and one secretary.

All five of the full-time faculty hold the terminal degree (Ph.D.) in geology from well-respected universities in the U.S. and three of these faculty (Dr. Watts, Sethi and Herman) have been recipients of professional awards for outstanding teaching at levels ranging from the National to Regional. One of our emeritus faculty (Dr. Whisonant) has also been recognized at the national level for excellence in teaching and scholarship. Clearly - we are justifiably proud of our faculty!

In the RU Geology program, our 'focus' is on YOU! We measure our own success by 'your success' and as a student you can expect sustained one-on-one attention and advising from the faculty so that your passage through our program can be a smooth and fruitful one.

Over the past several years, studies conducted by the RU Office of Institutional Research indicate that Geology graduates from RU have had a placement rate in excess of 90% following graduation. Although some of these graduates may not immediately find the job they dreamed of, most are working in geology-related jobs and in jobs with career potential.

The thumbnails show our faculty and staff along with their basic contact information. Please do not hesitate to contact our Program Chairperson - Dr. Jonathan Tso at jtso@radford.edu  or any one of us for questions regarding the geology program - we are here to help!