Grants & Research

Current Research (D. Boyd)

  1. Evaluation of Pediatric Non-Accidental Cranial and Postcranial Trauma Through the National Bone Fracture Archive
  2. The Anatomical Basis for Antemortem Bone Healing and Its Application to Forensic Anthropology.
  3. Comparability of Macroscopic, Microscopic, and Radiologically Defined Pediatric Antemortem Healing Stages
  4. Microevolutionary Change in the Human Mandible

Recent Grants Received or Submitted

2017 - Grant Submitted ($210,455): “Evaluation of Pediatric Non-Accidental Cranial and Postcranial Trauma Through the National Bone Fracture Archive. National Institute Of Justice (Pending)

2016-17 - Grant Received ($35,000): “Scare, Prepare, and Dare: Awareness, Security and Passion for Cyber-Security” – National Security Agency (Prem Uppuluri, Joe Chase, Jeff Pittges, Steve Owen, Donna Boyd, Cliff Boyd)

2014-15 - Grant Received ($34,605):“Skeletal Analysis of Human Remains from the Mosley Cemetery, Mecklenburg County, Virginia”—Circa CRM (grant suspended due to absence of recoverable remains from cemetery)

2012 - Grant Received ($10,000): Creation of a National Archiving Imaging Database For Evaluation of Healing Rates and Estimation of Time Since Injury of Pediatric Antemortem Skeletal Fractures in Child Abuse Investigations. Radford University College of Science and Technology Faculty Research Award

2009-2011 - Grant Received ($484,092) (with C. Boyd, RUFSI): Mid-Atlantic/Mid-Appalachian Training on Innovations in Forensic Science Through the Radford University Forensic Science Institute. National Institute of Justice

2009 - Grant Received ($443,000--subcontract): Using DNA Technology to Identify the Missing.  National Institute of Justice grant to Virginia Department of Forensic Science (subcontracted to D Boyd)