Data Science Open House and Graduation Celebration

Data Science Open House and Graduation Celebration Wednesday May 8, 2019 4pm-6pm ARTIS Lab – Davis Hall – Radford University

Open House (4pm)

  • Meet our students and faculty.
  • Learn about Data Science Careers.
  • Meet our corporate partners.
  • Learn about recent projects.

Graduation Celebration (5pm)

  • DAIM graduating class will present projects that exemplify their experience in the program.
  • Project descriptions are listed below

2019 Project Abstracts

Data Governance - Protecting Data While Adding Value

  • Presented by Jesse Harden
  • Radford University acquired a sensitive data set with the potential to enhance and improve advising, teaching, and student success. This project unlocked the value of the data without compromising confidentiality.

Data Analysis - Data Science Transforms Tweets to Trends

  • Presented by Jasman Shakya
  • Companies and organizations want authentic feedback from customers about their brand and their products. This project analyzed tweets to gauge customer sentiment about the Samsung S8 iris scanner.

Data Analysis - Data Science Helps You Grab a Cab in a New York Minute

  • Presented by Sajan Rai
  • Ever tried to catch a cab in the busiest city in the world? This project analyzed New York taxi data discovering valuable insights to help people maximize transportation options.

Data Visualization - Enhanced Data Access Dramatically Improves Response Time

  • Presented by James Caldwell
  • Radford University manages over 150 systems running on hundreds of servers. Each server must be checked daily for attacks, failures, and other critical problems. The current process drains productivity and leaves many systems vulnerable. Splunk enabled the University to create a common infrastructure facilitating hourly system checks to significantly improve response time.