Course Descriptions

ITEC 541: Advanced Database Management Systems

Explores database administration examining the RDBMS engine, studies advanced techniques for managing traditional data: tune and optimize performance, maximize throughput, and design fault tolerant systems. Provides hands-on experience with the Oracle DBMS.

ITEC 542: Data Warehousing, Mining, and Reporting

Studies how organizations monitor and analyze their business. Studies traditional and big data techniques for managing and analyzing large data sets. Studies the ETL process, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization. Provides hands-on experience with the Oracle DBMS and Hadoop, Pig, and Hive.

ITEC 641: Distributed Database Systems

Investigates techniques for managing massive volumes of data and studies the design of scalable systems, on-demand computing, and cloud computing. Provides hands-on experience with Hadoop and NoSQL databases.

ITEC 643: Database Performance and Scalability

Examines advanced techniques for tuning and optimizing performance. Studies load balancing, clustering, mainframe systems, and other methods of managing traditional data and big data. 

ITEC 645: Information Security and Assurance

Studies reliability, security, and privacy issues related to storing, transmitting, and processing large data sets. Studies techniques to secure databases and system infrastructure and methods to assure data integrity through fault tolerance and data recovery.

ITEC 647: Enterprise Information Architecture

Investigates comprehensive, enterprise-wide approaches to organize, protect, and control trusted information assets. Studies techniques to govern, control, and protect data on-site and off-site including master data management, data quality, data integration, and cloud computing architectures. 

ITEC 660: Data Structures for DBMS

Explores data structures and algorithms for storing and processing traditional data and big data. Provides hands-on experience with Spark and Scala.

ITEC 685: Information Analytics

Studies techniques for analyzing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data at rest and in motion. Studies non-traditional data sources including social media, mobile devices, and sensors; emerging analytical applications; real-time processing of data streams; and massively parallel processing technology. 

ITEC 695: Practicum in Data and Information Management: Capstone Project

Provides students in the Data and Information Management program an opportunity to conduct research or project on data and information management field under the direction of ITEC faculty members.  Results of the applied project will be formally presented at the end of the final semester.