Jasman Shakya

Interactive and Engaging Experiences Accelerate Career Readiness

By: Emily Lewis

The Data and Information Management (DAIM) Master’s program at Radford University is designed to engage students in hands-on, real-world projects to enhance their career path. This experience was especially valuable to graduating student Jasman Shakya as he transitioned from Nepal to the United States to further his information technology career.

“During my undergraduate program in Nepal, I learned about theories, but DAIM is more practical based and I learned a lot about big data,” Jasman recalled.

Hands-on projects and interactions with faculty and IT professionals were essential to Jasman’s success. “The professors invited IT professionals to our classes and we were able to collaborate with them on real-life projects throughout the class,” he said.

Jasman especially enjoys building data pipelines. “The ETL process is inevitable for data analysis. Over the past two years, ETL was the most important process in all of the projects I have done,” explained Jasman.

Eschewing traditional lecture-based models, DAIM’s interactive classroom provides students the opportunity to apply and strengthen their skills while overcoming personal challenges.

“I have always been afraid of presenting to crowds,” recalls Jasman, “In the DAIM program I had to give a lot of presentations in front of my classmates and guests.” While it was challenging, he was able to overcome his fear and grow in a way that will prepare him for a career in professional settings.

Looking forward to commencement in May, Jasman is anticipating his future opportunities. “It’s exciting because after two years of hard work, I am finally graduating,” he said. Data Engineer is his dream job, “I would like to work with data, create dashboards, and help businesses make better decisions based on data.”