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DAIM prepares graduates for leadership roles as data engineers, data architects, information managers, senior database administrators, and other data management positions. Student diversity strengthens our program by integrating experience and perspectives from students with traditional backgrounds from a wide range of undergraduate programs, accelerated students in our undergraduate programs, students with extensive work experience, and international students. We are proud to share their stories and hope to add your story of how DAIM helped you reach your goals.

2023-2024 Graduating Class

Radford Data Engineering Students Share Cutting Edge Research with Technology Industry Leaders

Graduate students, Nicole Linkous and Caitlyn Robinson, studying Data Engineering at Radford University, traveled to South Carolina in October to present their research at The Southeastern Chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (SEINFORMS) regional conference. Read more here.

2021-2022 Graduating Class

  • Tracey Dudding
    • Tracey's dream job is to become a data scientist within the healthcare field. To achieve this role, she has earned a B.S. in Statistics from Virginia Tech (VT) and will be earning her M.S. in Data and Information Management at Radford. As she ended her senior year at VT, she wanted to make herself unique to employers. She knew Radford’s program would make her unique by providing the knowledge of the right tools needed to manage data before she can analyze it. She also participates on research projects, produces recorded lectures, and serves as a web developer for the School of Computing and Information Science. Her most recent project involves data that could potentially save lives!
  • Nolan Ierardi
  • Amanda Tolman
    • A command-line? A GUI, and Dr. Pittges wants us to do what?! This is only one of many reactions Amanda had after transferring from Virginia Western to Radford University. While at Radford she has transformed into the young data engineer she is today. Currently, she is working on her capstone project that involves detecting misinformation within various articles and posts on social media and the news. She has also started a blog on AWS to help fellow believers with their faith in Christ and to help other passionate computer scientists have a deeper understanding of technologies. She enjoys cooking, traveling, listening to music, and cuddling with her dog when she is off of her computer. 

2020-2021 Graduating Class

  • Noah Bledsoe
  • Zachary Bryan
  • Michael Hammond
  • Pralad Neupane
    • Pralad Neupane is orignially from Nepal and wanted to expand his expertise in databases, advanced programming, and data management. The DAIM program provided these opportunities with helpful faculty in class and while transitioning to industry. 
  • Hari Talari

2018-2019 Graduating Class

  • Jesse Harden
  • Jesse Harden is pioneering a new path as the first DAIM graduate to pursue a Ph.D. following his May graduation from Radford University’s Data and Information Management (DAIM) Master’s program. This fall, Harden will enter Virginia Tech’s doctoral degree program in Computer Science.
  • James Caldwell
  • DAIM graduate James Caldwell is eager to work on the cutting edge. “DAIM is breaking into the new and exciting area of big data and touches on aspects of data science, enterprise architecture, and especially data engineering,” explained Caldwell. “Radford has prepared me to attain a job in one of those areas and has shown me what I would need to achieve to enter a particular field with confidence. The DAIM program has given me a great feeling for my future and has also been helping me with job prospects.”
  • Jasman Shakya
  • The Data and Information Management (DAIM) Master’s program at Radford University is designed to engage students in hands-on, real-world projects to enhance their career path. This experience was especially valuable to graduating student Jasman Shakya as he transitioned from Nepal to the United States to further his information technology career.
  • Sajan Rai
  • As data science evolves to process larger and more complex information, traditional methods become less effective. Solving big data challenges requires innovation and creativity.


Radford University Produces First Class of Data Scientists

DAIM is the only graduate program in Virginia focused on data management. Read more about DAIM.

Faculty Engagement Attracts Freshman to DAIM Accelerated Master’s Program

Nolan Ierardi
Nolan Ierardi

Many schools cannot offer such a program that will educate you, prepare you, and launch you into the workplace. Read more about Nolan Ierardi.



Rashna Neupane

International Student Finds Her New Home At Radford University

I can see that the education and skills I obtained joining the program will not only help me achieve my career goals and open doors of opportunities but also challenge me enough to become the best version of myself. Read more about Rashna Neupane.


Steve Oake

Radford University Student Found his Passion and is Rising To The Top

After discovering that Radford University would offer me a chance to get in on the ground floor of a career that is experiencing exponential growth, I was immediately sold. Read more about Steve Oake.