Frequently Asked Questions


How will my application be evaluated?
In our review of your application, we will look for evidence of excellent knowledge of the field, high academic ability, a strong work ethic, and other factors that illustrate your potential. Academic and professional accomplishments, as well as reference letters and test scores, will help us evaluate your potential for success in the program.

What is the “additional coursework” required to resolve undergraduate coursework deficiencies?
Prerequisite coursework is required in database management systems, data structures, and algorithms. Please contact the department to discuss whether specific courses satisfy these requirements. 

Can I apply to the program before having resolved undergraduate coursework deficiencies?
Yes; however, if you are accepted, you must resolve the deficiency before starting the program. 

Where do I send my application?
Applications are submitted entirely online. Please visit the Application page of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies to begin your application.

Can I schedule an appointment to talk with someone about the program?
Yes. Please call 540-831-5381 to set up an appointment.

You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

APPLICATION (Work Experience)

What is the desired amount of work experience you wish to see in a candidate?
No specific amount of work experience is expected. Work experience in IT is one way to demonstrate potential for success.

APPLICATION (References)

Who should I ask to write my reference letters?
We accept reference letters from faculty members who are familiar with your academic performance in major coursework or from colleagues or supervisors who are familiar with your work.

What steps do my references need to follow?
Instructions regarding the submission of reference letters can be found on the Application page of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Is the reference letter deadline the same as the application deadline?
Yes. Your application will not be considered complete until all required materials, including reference letters, have been received.


Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status?
First, visit the MyRU application portal to check the status of your materials. This is the website you used to submit your application. Any additional questions should be directed to the graduate admissions manager, who can be reached by phone at 540-831-5431 or email at

When and how can I expect to hear back from RU?
A letter of admission or denial will be sent to you.

Can I defer my acceptance?
Yes, with approval from the department. 


What is the latest date test scores will be accepted?
Test scores must be submitted on or before the application deadline. An application will not be considered complete until all required materials, including test scores, have been received.

Should I send only my best GRE/TOEFL score?
Please send all scores to provide the most complete view of your academic record.

What are the additional admission requirements for international students?
International applicants whose native language is not English must achieve an acceptable score on the TOEFL examination and submit an approved credential report for coursework completed outside the United States.

Satisfactory TOEFL scores are as follows: 87 for the online test; or 227 or 567, respectively, for the computer-based or paper-based tests.


How should I submit my transcripts?
Instructions regarding the submission of transcripts can be found on the Application page of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to apply?
Yes. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0.


What is the estimated cost for one year in RU’s Data and Information Management program?
Please visit the RU Student Accounts page for information on tuition and fees.

What are some options for financing my RU education?
Graduate assistantships are available to full-time degree-seeking students through the Graduate College for both entering and returning students. In addition to awards based on demonstrated financial need, scholarships based on leadership, character and academic achievements are offered at Radford.


What kind of academic environment should I expect?
Coursework will provide a rigorous study of theory in support of practical application of current data management methods to solve real-world problems using state-of-the-art technology and facilities. Class sizes are small, and students regularly collaborate on projects, resulting in a tightknit community of both faculty and students.

How is the curriculum structured?

The Data and Information Management curriculum encompasses database administration; data warehousing; data mining; and algorithms for efficiently analyzing, searching, retrieving, and transforming large data sets. Courses blend theory and practice to teach traditional data management methods as well as the latest technology and techniques for managing and processing big data. Visit the RU DAIM Curriculum page for more information.


How can I sign up for a campus tour?
Please visit the College of Graduate and Professional Studies to sign up for a campus tour.

How can I sign up for a classroom visit and is there a limit to how many I can attend?
Please call 540-831-5381 to set up a classroom visit. There is no limit to how many you can attend.