Java Programming Language

Java Development Kit v1.6.0

Notes: Complete Java Development Kit for most systems, free.
Downloads: JDK v1.6.0
Install Instructions: Java Install Instructions
Documenation: JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v1.2.2, API Specification


Perl Programming Language

Perl Build 316 v5.003_07

Notes: Perl for windows (all).                                                    
Perl v5.003_07


Ada Programming Language

Ada Compiler (gnat) v3.10p

Notes: GNAT Ada Compiler, for many platforms, free. Very busy site. Go to "winnt" (even for 95 version) and get the highest number that starts with "".
Downloads: gnat v3.10p

Aonix ObjectAda Compiler

Notes: More complex Ada compiler, may be harder to use, but it does produce Java Bytecode.
Downloads: Aonix Compiler




Notes: Nice editor for PC                                         

VIM Vi IMproved v5.2b

Notes: The "vim" editor for many platforms, free

Putty v0.60

Notes: PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms.
Download: Putty v0.60

VPN client, Symantec Anti-Virus, Clean Access

Notes: Log into the portal and select your OS.
Download: VPN, Symantec Anti-Virus, Clean Access