Information Systems Minor

Information Systems: Using data and technology to help businesses work smarter, faster, and better.

Almost every aspect of a business runs on information systems that generate data from the point of sale, inventory, customer support, and financial systems.

Collecting, processing, managing, storing and delivering this data is essential to running the business well.

Working knowledge of information systems helps achieve goals like increasing customer satisfaction and growing profits.

The Radford University IS Minor prepares students for valuable business roles including:

Systems and business analyst, Project manager, Information officer, Business intelligence, Web design, Programmer, Systems architect


I.T. Foundations (3 hours)

The foundation course will provide an introduction to fundamental concepts as well as an overview of the Information Technology field.  It provides a framework on which to build depth in other courses

  • ITEC 100 - Introduction to Information Technology(3)
  • ITEC 145 - Data Ethics, Privacy and Security(3)

Introduction to Programming (3 hours to 4 hours)

An understanding and appreciation for programming is essential to the information systems field.  Although most IS professionals are not programmers, all will interact with programmers, be involved with software engineering projects, and have opportunities to use simple programs to move data, and automate tasks, including tasks within spreadsheet and other office productivity tools.

  • ITEC 109 - Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (3)


  • ITEC 120 - Principles of Computer Science (4)

Data Management Core (6 hours) 

Data Analysis and Data Management are at the heart of the IS profession.  The two most important tools in that area are spreadsheets and database management systems.  The two required core courses of the IS minor build practical and conceptual expertise with these two essential technologies.

  • ITEC 281 - Data Analysis and Management with spreadsheets (3)


  • ITEC 304 - Database from the Manager's Perspective (3)

I.T. Elective Hours (2 to 3 hours)

ITEC elective hours allow the student seeking a minor in Information Systems to explore an additional area that is of interest to them and/or that complements their major field of study. Students are encouraged to consult with a minor advisor when selecting an elective class or classes.  Students may select any ITEC prefixed class however they may not count a second foundations course.