Healthcare Information Systems

Students in the healthcare systems concentration gain experience with healthcare enterprise systems and medical operations while learning medical terminology and coding necessary to work with clinicians, practitioners, insurers, and government.

Topics include the role of technology, data communications, medical information storage and legal issues faced by healthcare workers using information systems.

ITEC 200 will cover the role of information systems in management and administration in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Information Systems (ITEC 200)

Topics include:

  • Function of IT in Healthcare
    • Health Records
    • Medical Equipment Communication
    • Security
  • Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records
    • History of EHR and EMR
    • Government Regulations
    • Storage requirements
    • Security requirements
    • Data set standards
    • Enterprise Resource Planning technologies
  • Workflows in Healthcare
    • Classification vocabularies (ICDs)
    • Coding Processes
    • Quality Assessments
    • Reimbursement Processes
  • HIPAA and Security
    • Introduction to HIPAA
    • Working with HIPAA protected data
  • Ethical and Legal Issues
    • Responsibilities of the IT professional

Students who complete this course will be able to:

  • Describe the role of information technology in a healthcare context.
  • Discuss how medical equipment uses network technologies to communicate.
  • Explain the role and importance of networking security in a healthcare environment.
  • Describe the evolution of electronic medical records.
  • Understand the role that government plays in healthcare information technology.
  • Describe technological requirements of healthcare enterprises for storing healthcare information.

ITEC 369 will cover the analysis, design, development and deployment of information systems.

ITEC 496 is taught as a workshop utilizing industry software. The students will gain hands on experience using the management and maintenance of healthcare information systems.

ITEC 395 equips students with the necessary skill set to complete the project management process from conception to closing.

Information Technology Project Management (ITEC 395)

Students who complete this course will be able to

  • Perform build vs buy analyses,
  • Develop project charters,
  • Elicit customer requirements,
  • Estimate schedules,
  • Manage costs,
  • Effectively close a project.

ITEC 466 covers principles, policies, procedures and management in security. It includes information assurance governance, risk, compliance, planning and procedures.